Transform your project and portfolio management

Translate vision to outcomes by aligning business strategy with project execution. With Smartsheet for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), empower teams to work together towards a common goal on a flexible, collaborative platform.


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40% increase in productivity

Roche uses Smartsheet to prioritize, streamline, and speed up COVID-19 test kits distribution globally

50%  reduction in process time

Uber achieves warp-speed development by consolidating planning, execution, and reporting on Smartsheet

1,600+ person-hours saved a year

Special Olympics uses automation and templates to spin up new projects faster and achieve greater efficiencies

Discover the ROI of Smartsheet project and portfolio management

680% ROI is quite significant. A metric that Smartsheet is pretty proud of. The new Forrester Consulting research commissioned by Smartsheet, The Total Economic Impact™ of Smartsheet, shows how the platform enables successful business transformation by making it possible for organizations to manage projects, automate manual tasks and workflows, and rapidly build new solutions.

Focus on what matters the most

Connect the dots between strategy and execution. Use on-demand data analysis and automated reporting for prioritizing, identifying trade-offs, and dynamic decision-making. Empower anyone to build and scale projects and rally behind strategic goals using Smartsheet.

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Continuously deliver portfolio value at scale

Eliminate process inefficiencies, manual follow-up, and guesswork on outcomes with real-time visibility, data triage, and accurate reporting. Achieve incremental value, faster project implementation, and scale with speed across your portfolios.

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Standardize and simplify project portfolio execution

Strike the right balance between top-down and bottom-up portfolio management approaches. Achieve project consistency by standardizing processes without sacrificing user experience or user-driven innovation.

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Why choose Smartsheet?

Don’t take our word for it. Smartsheet is the #1 project and portfolio management software on G2.
Smartsheet integrations for portfolio project management


Smartsheet integrates and connects with many of the platforms your team uses today like Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, ServiceNow, and Microsoft 365. Bring all your information and context onto a single platform to improve collaboration and decision-making. Whatever work you do, use Smartsheet to deliver it with greater efficiency.

See how it works

Smartsheet for PPM is a flexible, collaborative platform that allows operational leaders to create replicable project management frameworks, while empowering project teams to be more nimble, creative, and efficient.

  • Make PPM accessible to all with an intuitive user experience that reduces administrative and management burden
  • Get teams to rally behind your vision by helping them work collaboratively
  • Standardize processes to achieve consistency in planning and execution
  • Use Smartsheet as the single source of truth, driving end-to-end visibility across project and portfolio status and dependencies, governance, and risks

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Strategic Planning

Align vision with business reality to define strategic objectives at the organizational level. Take stock of where you are, where you want to be, and what work needs to be done to get there. Leverage the adaptability of Smartsheet to pivot and change portfolio priorities to meet dynamic business needs.

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Demand Intake

Use the Smartsheet multi-tier intake feature to gather requests and create hierarchical relationships between projects and programs. Streamline your project intake process and in-flight projects while maintaining hierarchies to achieve control and visibility.

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Portfolio Prioritization

Right-size your portfolios by aligning them to business objectives. Use prioritization matrices with your own selection and weighting criteria to surface alignment discrepancies between goals and execution. Ensure portfolio success by delivering demonstrable value, from the task level up to programs and portfolios.

Resource & Capacity Planning

Plan your resources by role, department, team, skill, etc. Strategize for future requirements and predict dependencies. Roll up the overall effort required by project, program, or portfolio. Plan ahead, optimize resource allocation, and avoid cost escalations and project risks.

Project & Work Delivery

Spin up your projects on the go with templates and blueprints. Scale your portfolios effortlessly. Ensure on-time delivery with rigorous scheduling, setting start times, buffer, and lead times – from the task level, rolling up to portfolios. Receive automatic updates on changes and risks.

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Project & Portfolio Reporting

Roll up, visualize, and report on portfolio data with easy-to-configure, widget-based views. Automatically add data from new projects to your portfolio reports and dashboards. Track projects, budgets, and  resources at a granular level. Benchmark performance against expectations and goals to accurately estimate value.

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