Improve efficiency and productivity — and patient experiences.

30% more efficient

30% gain in efficiency by University of Utah Health.

30% more productive

30% improvement in program productivity by Roche.

87.5% more time

Time spent on data entry reduced from two days to two hours at Karyopharm Therapeutics.

Securely collect and share protected health information

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, you need to know that PII, PHI, and other electronic data is private, secure, and collected and used in line with existing regulations. Smartsheet adheres to strict security protocols to provide a secure environment which can be used in a manner consistent with HIPAA, GxP, CCPA, and GDPR requirements.

Achieve more with Smartsheet solutions for:

Biotech and pharmaceuticals

Hospitals and clinics

Medical device manufacturing

Get groundbreaking drugs to market faster.

Getting innovative drugs to market quickly can greatly benefit patients — and even save lives. With Smartsheet, you can streamline the clinical trial process, easily consolidate data across trials, and provide the visibility stakeholders need to ensure progress and compliance.

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"What Smartsheet is allowing us to do is instead of just looking at all of the individual data points, we can look at them as a collective. So these dashboards are allowing us to see trends from country to country and to patient population across all our trials, so we’re really able to get a story of not only a specific clinical trial, but also our drug."

Oscar Gonzalez, Senior Program Planning Manager, Karyopharm Therapeutics

We offer a flexible platform, pre-built templates, and customized solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can achieve with Smartsheet.


Clinical trials and tests

Create a standard process for clinical trial protocol review and approval, testing procedures and trial management, gain a global view of your entire trial portfolio, and drill down into real-time status of disease area testing projects.

Activity Log

Data analysis

Automatically import data from your electronic data capture (EDC) software platform or central database into Smartsheet to speed turnaround times and eliminate version control issues and errors from manual data entry.

Code of Conduct

Regulatory and compliance management

Effectively manage your regulatory and compliance needs with flexible solutions for regulatory submission tracking, IP submission tracking, FDA approval tracking, as well as real-time information for auditors, oversight committees, and internal compliance-related initiatives.

You’re on the front lines. We can help you keep things running.

To respond to change quickly and effectively, hospital administrators need to know where things stand. Smartsheet helps you get real-time visibility into the rapidly-changing needs of your hospital, so you can provide the best possible patient experience.

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"Our department really focuses on the culture, bettering the patient’s experience while they’re here. The efficiencies that we gained from [Smartsheet] are incredible. We really saw about a 30% efficiency gain from my entire team."

Shannon Lingwall, Manager, University of Utah Health

We offer a flexible platform, pre-built templates, and custom solutions for hospitals, clinics, and emergency services.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can achieve with Smartsheet.


Project and program management

Whether you’re focused on improving the patient experience, managing compliance and regulatory requirements, or managing day-to-day operations, with Smartsheet you can automate and streamline processes, and increase collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Manage inventory and supplies

Whether you’re managing PPE, vaccines for hospital workers, or medical supplies across multiple locations, Smartsheet forms and dashboards can help you centralize real-time information to best serve your patients — and your medical teams.

Manage mission critical operations

In emergencies, every second counts — but the fast pace can mean that critical information gets missed or miscommunicated. Smartsheet can help you quickly, effectively, and securely capture and communicate patient information.

Organize healthcare provider credentials

Securely track and manage physician certifications and licenses, ensuring that your organization’s physician’s credentials and insurance information are up-to-date.

Onboard and offboard hospital staff

Streamline your onboarding process to more quickly and effectively onboard and offboard employees.


Hospital IT PMO

Securely solve business challenges fast with proven solutions that provide clear program visibility, provide instant business value, and manage data confidentially.

See how others are caring for patients and staff.

Streamline your processes to improve patient experience.

To efficiently deliver medical devices, equipment, medical technology, or hospital supplies, you need a platform that meets your security and regulatory needs, while giving you the visibility you need to improve processes and better support patient outcomes.

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“Smartsheet allowed us to take that [implementation project] information and automate it, so we get direct feeds now from our internal systems...Where it used to take a week, two weeks sometimes, to get all of that information together, now it happens in an automated fashion within a matter of hours.”

Michael Ghrist, IT Account Manager for Commercial Operations, Roche

We offer flexible solutions and pre-built templates to help your organization get up to speed quickly.

Here are just a few of the ways Smartsheet can help you streamline your processes.

Administration Controls

Clinical trials

Create a standard process for clinical trial protocol review and approval, testing procedures and trial management, gain a global view of your entire trial portfolio, and drill down into real-time status of testing projects.

Team Schedule icon

Production calendar and communications

Improve inventory management and eliminate flow disruptions with production calendars and reports, communicate with vendors, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Multiple Views

Compliance visibility and tracking

Enhance global production visibility, simplify and automate compliance and regulatory processes, and streamline worker access to important documentation.

PM Methodologies icon


Create a structured, disciplined process for implementations that allows you to centralize information, plan and track implementations, and automate routine work to maximize uptime for your customers.

Smartsheet connects with the tools you use every day.

Bring together data from key systems like Veeva and Epic with Smartsheet Data Uploader, so you can easily automate workflows and centralize information so the right people have visibility into data at the right time.

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