#FruitfulWork: 13 productivity & collaboration experts to follow

by The Smartsheet Team


Despite our best intentions, we’ve all had days that end up fruitless. We bounce from task to task, all motion and no progress. Even the most productive, focused people can struggle to get anything done.

We want to help you break through the doldrums and reach your full potential. So we’re launching a series aimed at helping people do more #FruitfulWork. You can check out our first installment here.

For this post we’re focusing on productivity and collaboration experts: Coaches, consultants, and keynote speakers. These folks make a living with their expertise, but they also create great content for free on social media. Here are some of our favorites.

Follow These 13 Experts for More #FruitfulWork


Long-Form Content

There’s nothing wrong with a short listicle or a minute-long video — quick tips and hacks are great. But when you have time for something more substantial, these folks have deep content you can really dig into.


Mike Vardy is “The Productivityist,” with a YouTube channel brimming with substantial but entertaining videos. You’ll find time management, writing, and productivity tips galore, all delivered with great energy and a good sense of humor. 

Start with Make Productivity Fun, a recorded livestream with advice to make the rest of your productivity journey less stressful.

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Evan Carmichael is a self-described introvert — so how did he become a public speaker and video creator with over three million YouTube followers? Evan’s channel is a tribute to getting out of your comfort zone and has grown to include long-form interviews with well-known guests like Warren Buffett, Matthew McConaughey, and Deepak Chopra. 

Don’t have 45 minutes to spare? He also offers plenty of quick how-to videos, including his 10 Rules for Success series. 

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Marie Forleo has a pretty compelling claim to fame: Oprah herself named Marie the “thought leader for the next generation.” Marie is dedicated to helping people form more productive and successful habits. 

Her interview subjects are thought leaders in the industry rather than household names, but that means deeper, more actionable advice in each thoughtful video.

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Graham Allcott hosts hour-long productivity webinars. His channel also includes filmed versions of his keynote speaking engagements as well — get all the insights from the comfort of your own home. His presentation on moving “Beyond Busy” is a great jumping-on point. 

His mantra is “worry less, achieve more, and love what you do.” It’s a welcome antidote to hustle culture.

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Phil Simon is a productivity and collaboration expert and the author of 11 books on both topics. He is less active on social media, but has a collection of webinars and interviews that are well worth the time.

You can subscribe to his newsletter for advice delivered straight to your inbox.

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Wellness and Balance

Productivity is great, but the hustle-and-grind culture can get pretty toxic. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mental health to be successful. These folks can help you get more done without destroying your work-life balance.


Alyssa Coleman is a productivity expert, global traveler, and leader of the “freedom rebellion.” She talks frankly about her own struggles and strives to inspire and elevate people. There’s a wealth of “How I” and “How to” content on her Instagram and YouTube channels. 

A favorite at Smartsheet is “How I overcame imposter syndrome.” That feeling of not being good enough for the work we’re doing is universal, and Alyssa has a great take on it.

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Sagan Morrow is a productivity strategist, professional speaker and entrepreneur as well as a chief communications officer for Juxta Communications. Her video content covers everything from productivity to analytics to makeup tutorials. 

Follow her on Instagram for healthy productivity tips and encouragement, like this checklist.

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Maura Nevel Thomas is the expert to follow if you’re looking to regain your time. She teaches attention management as the new path to productivity. It’s not about always putting in long hours or hustling as fast as you can; rather, it’s eliminating distractions and making the best use of the time you have. 

Start with “How to get into a flow state” for quick advice on avoiding distractions and focusing on what matters.

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Tools and Tips

Productivity has a lot to do with mindset and worldview — but we don’t always have time for a half-hour deep dive into subconscious motivations that are holding us back. If you’re looking for quick tips and hacks, or to find the next great productivity app, these creators are well worth a follow.


Gamze Fackelmann is an award-winning YouTuber and productivity/success coach. Her videos are focused on organization, time management, and reviews of technology and software tools for all of the above. 

For practical, immediately-actionable tips in our remote work era, start with her home office tour.

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Deb Lee is a digital productivity coach dedicated to fixing workflows and helping clients get more done. I appreciate the way she mixes technology tips with productivity strategies and tactics — it’s a holistic approach that makes sure your process and the tech go together.  Follow her for tech tips as well as productivity strategies and tactics. 

You can also find third-party interviews on Deb’s YouTube channel, like this one on time tracking and management.

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Ken Okel is a productivity speaker and a specialist in creating video content. He’s given talks across the United States and online. Ken’s short-form content is stellar, whether it’s a single quick tip in 30 seconds or seven minutes detailing how to look better on video calls. 

His video on information overload is a great example of how direct and practical his content is.

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Paula Rizzo is a productivity expert with a fun speciality: She’s all about making your to-do lists more useful. If (like most of us) you’re constantly making new lists and watching them stagnate, her tips can help you prioritize and optimize. 

Paula is regularly putting out new livestreams: Start with this one on avoiding distractions in a hybrid working environment.

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Brandon Schaefer is a business consultant with a background in sales. His Instagram is a great place for quick inspirational tips to get you going in the morning. If you have time for something more substantial, his YouTube interviews are well worth their runtime.

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And, of course, follow the Smartsheet team on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for even more #FruitfulWork advice.